Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shangri-LA show

 Hi everyone, I will be in this show this Friday. Fun artists. Hope to see you there.
-James C.

 Date: Friday, August 17
Place: Synchronicity

Reception: Friday, August 17  7 P.M.


curated by Mike Kelley

Krotona was founded in 1911 by the Theosophical Society as a Utopian community of universal inquiry. The original site in what is now the Hollywood Hills harbored a compound of eclectic architecture and acted as a refuge for unconventional religious, philosophical and creative culture in Southern California.

This largely forgotten experiment is but one of several in California that reflects the region as a haven for visionary culture that persists to this day. Shangri-LA investigates this legacy, the amnesia of progress and current notions of Utopia. The exhibition combines installation, art, presentations and sound by a current generation who thrive in the shadow of the pioneers of independent thought. Shangri-LA is on display from August 17 through September 1.

Astral Eyes
Gina Kelly
Jed McGowan

Josh Slater
Julie Murphy
Katherine Guillen
Lyndsey Lesh
Never Press

James Chong

Jesse Fillingham

Gabe Gonzales

Sumi Ink Club
Ron Regé

The following Saturday August 24, 7 -10pm
As part of the Shangri-LA exhibition Synchronicity presents a night of presentations, readings and musings by:

Jodi Wille

Maja D’Aoust

Paul Koudounaris

Ron Regé

In a collaborative experiment in synergy the presenters relate their areas of expertise to include notions of Utopia.

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