Saturday, November 26, 2011


 I just got done with "my long awaited (for me) 12 page risograph print set for Never Press. It was dragged out a little bit longer than expected due to deadlines, technical problems, and 2k11. The print set is called "Home." I am very happy with how each drawing turned out and find this set to be very fulfilling for me.

These drawings/prints were started on the public transit system in Los Angeles while commuting to and from work. "Home" isn't about public transit system, but a lot about the thoughts I was able to have on the public transit. I had recently graduated school and was supporting myself for the first time in my life. In a situation like that a lot of old ideas on "life", career, and priorities are challenged and questioned. These drawings were some recordings of those thoughts, questions and conclusions.

To touch a little on process, I did not make any of these images in order, nor did I know what these drawings were going to turn into (this is evident by the inconsistency in the characters). They were all being made and thought about as singular drawings. As I was wrapping up the drawings, an interesting story arch and common theme came forward (interesting to me at least). To me these drawings speak of leaving and returning, seeking and finding, and living and dying (amongst other things).

You can find and purchase here for $25.

Thanks for reading!

James Chong

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