Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Name Droppin" or "Zines" I can't choose.

prep yourself for reading an entry with many links.

*picture borrowed from gary's website, which was borrowed from jesse. digital age. yes.

Two weekends ago I was up in San Francisco for APE. Was a great weekend hanging and sharing a table with Ken Tanaka, Gary Musgrave, Jesse Fillingham, Cam Floyd and Janine (don't want to butcher her last name). APE itself is pretty overwhelming. Very cool.

At APE, I met people that I drew 2 years prior to meeting them.. yea. digest that one. Scary and exciting at the same time. They looked exactly like the couple on my bye-bye print. Cool thing is, they are a couple, and she was wearing a stripe shirt, just like the drawing. Funny, I would post a picture showing the similarities, but I'm not sure they would appreciate their faces being uploaded onto the web without their permission. maybe later on down the road.

Anyways, recently some friends and I put together a zine under © Pinch My Weenus. Here are some images from that project. The people include Anna Topuriya, Me, Gabe Gonzales, Eunice San Miguel, Jesse Fillingham, Mark Ingram and Nick Arciaga. Not up on any store right now, you can email Jesse for inquiries.

Also, I just finished up a book/zine and t-shirt project with Stickit, an independent publisher out in The Netherlands. The zine will be called "Some Malfunctions" and the cover might look something like this if there is no malfunction down the road... hahh.. unnecessary word play. Anywho, you should check them out and support the independent publishers. if you have the means to.

Will update when those get printed and ready.

Thanks to everyone that's helping me keep busy. and lastly, a special shout out to coffee bean farmers everywhere. Thank you.

James C.

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