Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Google Searches

Cyber Space. Oh so grand. Oh so unforgiving. Oh so scary.

As of this past week, a few new sites will be listed if you google search "james chong art".
(maybe, i didnt really check.)

My work is now up at ARTISLA. It's an online artwork store. Its got a handful of artists on the roster. But now, you can buy my work through them. They are based in Germany so the prices are marked EURO. I've made some of my work veryyyyyy affordable compared to some of the other people on there. so go buy buy buy =]. here's the link to my profile there.

Also, I did an interview sometime last week with WHATTHECOOL. They managed to find some old work i posted online a long time ago to add in the interview... eeeek.. How naive of me..

anyways here's the link to that interview.


James Chong

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