Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're Banished

i don't normally do this, but i'll give a little background on this piece only because much thanks is due to some great artists and friends. click their links and check them out.

this piece started with the age-old idea of control/chaos. early in the drawing, some "literal" chaos was made with the help of patrick hruby, jesse fillingham, and kaeleen wescoat-o'neil. after some chaos was made, i practiced to regain control of the image.

i'll leave it as that and not explain much more. hope you can experience something as i have in the process of creating the image.

heres a early picture caught with my phone's camera. it got way more chaotic than this with giant fingers and more foundation design sphere drawings.

at first i sort of wished i did one of those multiple "in-progress" shots to have a document of the changes. but maybe this is better because it's all in there anyways.. i'll have to think more about that..

james chong

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