Wednesday, February 10, 2010


hi all. i'm doing a body of work on "things unspoken," and alongside it, my friend and i have started a complimentary blog. please pay it a visit and if you can participate. i will be making drawings/zines/comics/paintings/films/writing maybe inspired by some of these questions. lots of fun coming. yes, you may think its similar to post secret. but its different because it's asking questions. sometimes specific questions, sometimes general. it is up to the participant to determine whether he or she will be transparent or guarded when answering.

It's in the starting stages, so please forward to your friends too if you can! i'd much appreciate it!

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Sam Sangjin Ryu said...

Yo James! I've been RSSing your blog and just check out 'Unspoken Project'. It's so enjoyable, shocking and so honest at the same time. Looking forward to great things!