Friday, November 6, 2009

i told you i'd be back

readers, im back..

this is something i should have updated at the end the summer, but kind of got lazy.

over the summer, i got an opportunity to make the album artwork for The Nehemiah Band. I may have written about them before. It first started off as a "fake application/project" for a class at school, but after proposing the work to the band they took it. I had to change up a couple of stuff from the previous design, such as album title, some imagery, the way the cd case works, and some layouts. it was a fun project. challenge to deal with the requests by the printers and the band. i definately want to do more album projects.

this photo below was taken when i finished the "fake application" last spring.

pretty amazing photo ey.. i had to pay big bucks for that from a professional fotographer. kinda sucks that i have this nice photo of the "fake" version instead of the actual cd that was released. but it works nicely as a portfolio piece anyways. (side note, if any photographers have any tips on white balance please let me know. i have a dslr, i usually shoot auto, or tungstein when im indoors and rely on auto levels in photoshop to help the white balance. im a noob. i'd appreciate any tips either through comments or through email. Thankssss!)


couple weeks ago i made the band a t-shirt design. recently, i've been liking the look of blowing a small doodle up huge. the grittiness and the unspecificity (yes, i just made up that word) of the blown up lines/drawing is quite awesome.

i havent seen the shirt yet, but i hear there was a lot of printing problems. sadly, of all the t-shirt jobs i did and sent to printers, on almost 90 percent of them something goes wrong and doesnt come out the way i had expected it to. its one of the bigger let downs and it takes a couple hours to a day for me to get it out of my mind. i cringe everytime i see someone wearing a messed up t-shirt. sucks. thats why you gotta print em yourself~


i'm not sure if i had written about this, but i just moved out to pasadena. its awesome, a lot more places to grub at night, a lot more sirens and car alarms going off, and a lot more opportunities to ride the bike. two weeks ago, i took a spill cause some bad driver in a suv. long story short. i have this battle wound thats spewing out dark red orangish puss. its awesome. enjoy. hope you're not eating as you're reading this entry.

if you in pasadena lets hang. call me. lets get together and work. call me. lets give james more jobs. call him.

james chong

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