Sunday, February 22, 2009

new zine

here's a new book/zine/experience you can have.. its called "the
yearbook". remembering long lost friends and looking them up in the
yearbooks and such. I very much enjoyed the experience I had just going
through the pages of my middle school yearbook, remember peoples faces,
remembering their habbits, remembering their speech, remembering their
stories. then also going through the pages finding people I've never met
before, and also reading those short thoughtless "autographs"/letters
friends wrote to me at the end of the year. its fun. people are fun.
people change. always changing.

I heard somewhere that the only thing that never changes in human
history is that there's always change.

ahaha. I thought that was clever. but know that's not completely true. there's time. death, life, the ultimate LOVE. and i bet many many other things that i cannot think of at the moment.

james chong
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abeoh! said...

wuuuuut. i want one homie!

jennifer cuellar said...

my friend bought this zine at open market today... we got lots of laughs out of it while sitting in traffic. great concept!

Geoffrey said...

hey james, my baby bro gabriel had this book on his coffee table. I enjoyed it very much..thanks~